Marea Verde Non-Profit

by Mirei Endara de Heras 

April 26, 2019

Marea Verde is a not for profit organization established in 2017 to promote civic action and awareness on how to mitigate solid waste pollution in Panama’s rivers and coasts.

By implementing several pilot cleanup initiatives in the Matías Hernández watershed, the Aulas Verdes environmental education program, awareness campaigns like “Dermar Arat XXI” with Franklin Panama, and sustainable alternatives for solid waste disposal, we seek to generate and promote a passion for a clean Panama.  Dermar Arat, which means Marea Verde (Green Tide) in Guna, is a call to action to prevent the trash from contaminating our culture in the XXI century.

Small actions can make great changes. We invite you to spread the message to achieve this goal together.

 Dermar Arat XXI

 Solid waste pollution is one of the most complex environmental challenges of our time, generating increasing and negative impacts on the ecology, sanitation, economy, and culture from Panama and the world.

Its effects reach even the farthest communities of Panama, including the paradisiac San Blas islands, where the Guna indigenous people reside.

The designs on the scarves, printed by Franklin Panama, are inspired on the world-renowned Guna molas, and their close relationship with terrestrial and marine environments. This collection has a design twist, and includes plastic and solid waste alongside traditional mola elements.

In this way, we seek to portray how inappropriate waste disposal pollutes our environment, flora, fauna and even our culture.  To avoid this from continuing, it is key that we all come together and take conscience about this problem as well as work together in building a better society in which the cleanup, the care and the respect towards our environment become embedded in our cultural identity.

These scarves printed by franklin panama are limited edition and comply with all the printing registration and permits.  A percentage of the sales is alloted to the indigenous guna people for their exclusive use, as established in the law no. 20 de 26 de junio del 2000, relative to the protection of intellectual property rights of indigenous peoples.

Sizes: 90 x 90cm y 100 x 200cm

Printed by: Franklin Panama Limited Edition

Silk and Modal

Mola 1.3.jpgMola 1.1 (1).jpgMola 2.2.jpgMola 2.4.jpg


Scarves may be purchased at:

Instagram @mareaverdepanama

Twitter @MareaVerde_PA


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